The Future of Talent Assessment

Better quality hires - Reduced costs - Reduced effort and time in hiring - Better candidate experience - Increased diversity

Hiremate combines the power of cutting-edge neuroscience, psychometrics, gamification and machine learning to revolutionize the hiring process.

Job candidates complete a series of fun games and quizzes designed to measure their mental traits, personality, emotional intelligence, and specialised knowledge. Our role-based machine learning algorithms allow us to determine candidate fit much more accurately than traditional psychometric assessments and CV reviews.
Identify the candidates who will be the best fit for your organisation. Filter out potentially toxic hires and filter in potential star employees.
Avoid the hassle of reviewing countless CVs and dramatically shrink the candidate pool down to just those with the most potential to thrive in your organisation.
Save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in people hours by avoiding time wastage in conducting unnecessary interviews.
Harness the benefits of a diverse workforce by reducing systemic bias in the traditional hiring process.
Enhance millennial perceptions of your organisation by engaging them in an innovative and enjoyable hiring process.

The Technology and Science behind the platform

Gamified neuroscience

Fun games and quizzes designed by neuroscientists and psychologists.

Machine learning / AI

Harnessing the latest machine learning technology to create prediction algorithms that far outperform both traditional assessments and human intuition.


Hiremate is based on the most up-to-date scientific research. It is built in partnership with the University of New South Wales, the no.1 ranked university for neuroscience and psychology in the southern hemisphere.

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Thinklytic is a new venture between Fusion Labs and Science of Innovation Lab (UNSW).

Fusion Labs
Corporate innovation consultancy
We combine innovative processes to help organisations effectively scale their innovation.
UNSW Science of Innovation Lab (SIL)
Cognitive neuroscience lab
Focused on scientifically measuring dimensions of the human mind which are critical for innovation and peak performance.ovation.
Asim Mehr
Asim has a background in innovation based project management and product development. He has worked throughout Asia before moving to Australia. He helped launched easypaisa which is now the 2ndlargest mobile financial service in the world. Asim is a methodical and strategic thinker with significant innovation knowledge and experience.
Alice Brennan
Innovation Consultant
Alice is an Innovation Consultant at Fusion Labs. Alice has a background in anthropology, mental health and technology. She founded her own social purpose start-up and has consulted for corporates, charities and government agencies in the UK, Australia, China, Germany and Japan.
Joel Pearson
Lab Director & Founder, Joel is a National Health and Medical Research Council fellow and Prof. of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. He also leads the Pearson Lab, a multidisciplinary agile Cognitive Neuroscience research group that does both fundamental and clinical research, consults with companies, artists and designers on brain science
Joel Davies
Joel is a Psychologist who has worked as a consultant for numerous large public and private sector organisations as well being the founder of technology start-upCred solutions.Joel is completing his PhD at UNSW where he also lectures on innovation and organisational behaviour.
Matt Adendorff
CEO of Fusion Labs, a leading innovation firm serving most of Australia's largest companies: helping them build innovation functions; build skillsets, mindsets and toolsets (; and run accelerators.