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Does using AI for hiring just create organisations full of clones?

More and more organisations are adopting the use of AI in their hiring practices. As this trend continues, there are growing concerns about the consequences of such practices on talent diversity. Platforms like Thinklytic develop their machine learning algorithms by collecting assessment data from current job incumbents.
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Machine learning

The Problem with Psychometric Assessments: Why it is time to embrace the future.

Most large originations today use psychometric testing as an integral part of their hiring process. These tests, which usually measure cognitive ability and personality traits, are used to filter the very large number of candidates that apply for any given job.
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The Science Behind Thinklytic

Thinklytic combines the latest research in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and data science to revolutionise the way that organisations make hiring decisions. Thinklytic was originally conceived by a number of top academic scientists at the University of New South Wales, Sydney - the no.1 ranked university for neuroscience and psychology in the southern hemisphere.
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Measuring the Most Important Brain Region for the Future of Work

For many years, scientists have studied the importance of intelligence and personality in predicting success at work. This research has shown that, on average, high performers tend to be somewhat more intelligent and have slightly higher levels of certain personality traits.
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